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Reflecting on what I’ve learned leading IABC Ottawa

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While I’m still an active board member for the International Association of Business Communicators, Ottawa Chapter, (IABC Ottawa)  my tenure is coming to an end this June and I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned from the experience. I spent a total of five seasons as a board member: two as the Vice President, Professional Development, and three-years in the executive as EVP, President and now Past-President (an automatic year succession for each). I was 25 when I joined the board and I will have just turned 30 by the…read more

I don’t always cover unsolicited blog pitches…

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In fact, I rarely do. However today it was explained to me that: You may think that just like with many other areas of life men are also paving the way for the development of modern social media, but you’d be wrong. and later on in the pitch: I’m sure your readers will be intrigued by the true nature of social media landscape and the role of women in shaping it. This is a man’s social media world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl. Wow….read more


Words to live by

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Last weekend I attended a memorial to celebrate the life of Dave Turcke. It was a wonderful bittersweet experience and glad to take away these parting words. RIP Dave, you will be missed by so many.


The quest for fit

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When talking about finding a job or filling a position, the word ‘fit’ get thrown around a lot. Unfortunately, ‘fit’ has become a buzzword, and everytime it gets flung around, it loses a little more of its intended meaning. I’m just as guilty as anyone, I love this word. In an effort to be part of the solution rather than the problem, I’m examining exactly what ‘fit’ means. You are likely not in a perfect job (perfect for you, at least) and many of us perhaps never actually find the…read more

Reflecting without rose-coloured glasses

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Be more painfully aware. I started blogging in 2006* right after I finished college (though I didn’t launch this particular blog until a year and a half later). Today, many students are blogging while they are still in school, and almost every student is posting publicly on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. It’s a very different environment to grow up in when key moments, fumbles, mistakes and downright fails are posted publicly for the world to see. I have been reading this extremely enlightening–and perhaps slightly depressing–book based on the blog…read more

Be better by being less busy

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The past year and a bit has been a blur. This period started out a few months leading up to my wedding where I was working crazy hours and trying to plan a wedding, all the while balancing out copious volunteer commitments and whatever bit of a social life I could squeeze out of it. Then I got married and things just got crazier. I made a snap decision to quit my job two weeks before the wedding  to move to another agency that was similar but just a better…read more

LinkedIn Skill Endorsements: Flattery or faulty?

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One of the best features of Linkedin has always been the ability to publicly recommend a colleague or connection. It’s like a resume reference who’s posting the reference check publicly for everyone to see (with your consent of course). Yes there may be some questionable reciprocal recommendations floating around, but for the most part, it takes time and effort to craft a worthy recommendation and since it’s public–your own reputation is potentially on the line if someone finds it to be false. Almost a year ago (September 2012) LinkedIn rolled…read more


From World Conference: Your brand in permanent beta

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Recently, I attended the 2013 IABC World Conference in New York City. This annual conference attracts 1400+ communicators from all corners of the globe and features leading thinkers, business leaders and some of the most prominent brands in the world. One session I really enjoyed was the general session: Taking the pulse of the new generation: Communicating effectively with Millennials. Frankly, as someone who sometimes fits into the definition of this generation, I did not go expecting to learn much.  However, I was completely surprised by the smart, insightful and interesting discussion by…read more


Report from the IABC World Conference in NYC

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It was Tuesday night—close to midnight and for the first time in a really long time I just got that “I NEED to write” moment. It used to happen to me a lot but lately I’ve fallen victim to the over-busy syndrome and nothing has suffered more than my writing—something I used to consider my passion! But there I was  at the IABC World Conference feeling that rush all over again, finally!  Three days in I was  already getting concerned that I’d probably forgotten half of the really interesting, insightful…read more


Living the long weekend in a new Ford

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We decided to buy a new car. While I love my Avenger, it’s a big honkin’ thing and not the most practical for ‘booting around’ downtown as we often use it for. Case in point, the various bumps and scratches that mostly resulted from me trying to back out of our narrow lane way sans coffee. Oops. So we want something small, but stylish. Practical but fun. We’re both geeks so of course we want some cool technology built in too… Having previously worked with Ford Canada through Thornley Fallis, a Ford…read more