I’m a geek at heart but my passion is communication–which is why I chose a career in PR. I’m passionately curious, adventurous and always seeking a good challenge.  When I started my career, I quickly learned that all the geeky stuff I did in my spare time: online chatting/publishing/forums etc., was quickly becoming a hot sub-field of PR called social media. Bingo! I fell in love and started learning about how social media made sense in a business environment.

After seven years of startups, a brief stint in municipal governement and dipping my toes in agency, I joined one of Ottawa’s longest standing agencies–Banfield to build its social media practice. In 2014 I became a partner and now serve as digital director.  I lead digital vision and growth within the company, which includes web and mobile development, social media, content marketing and analytics. I manage a team of strategists and oversee digital development team to define and modify company methodology and process. This includes training and skills development across the company and working directly with clients to find the best digital solutions for their business.  If you are looking for an agency partner, please do get in touch. 

I love to connect with interesting people… Here’s a few ways to easily connect with me:


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