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50 Ideas on Using Twitter and LinkedIn for Business – Win a free ticket!

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Tweet I’m delighted to announce I’ve been asked to speak on a panel at an OCRI Zone5ive event, coming up Thursday, June 11th. The panel includes Scott Lake of ThinkSM and StartupOttawa and Luc Levesque of TravelPod and is moderated by Andrew Milne of bv02. Inspired by a post by Chris Brogan, we’ll be talking about ideas and strategies for how, when and if your business should be taking advantage of these popular social networks. Get all the details and registration info on the Zone5ive blog… Win a free ticket!…read more


Finding a social media job… Canadian edition

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Tweet I’m posing this question not only because it’ll be helpful for my fellow Canadian readers, but also for myself! I’m currently working on a contract that’s coming to an end soon so I’m thinking about landing a job doing what I *really* love, which (surprise, surprise) is all about online PR, digital marketing and social media. What I’m really looking for is to identify companies that are looking for, and can truly benefit from, avid and enthusiastic social media users from PR and marketing walks-of-life. Whether it’s a social…read more


Plurk's got potential!

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Tweet If you pay attention to some of the social media buzz out there, surely you’ve already heard of Plurk. Plurk is like twitter, but takes it a step further by laying out posts on a visual time line and when you want to reply to someone’s post, instead of the @username, you can actually drop down someone’s message into what can best be described as an IM chat box and keep the conversation going. Anyone–fans or friends–can jump in as well. It’s hyper-interactive, and a lot of fun. Why…read more


Protecting your brand? From what? The brand police???

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Tweet Unless you’re in consumer-packaged goods or fashion, you probably worry too much about your brand. Especially if your efforts are focused online, you most definitely are worried too much about your brand. Now I will admit I *could* sit on both sides of this argument, but my real peeve is pulling the “brand” card like your brand makes a big difference in people’s lives, because chances are, it doesn’t. What *really* makes a difference – excellent customer service, open and honest communication and respecting your customers/prospects/stakeholders as real people….read more


It's not about the tools! It's the new way of marketing…

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Tweet I’m almost embarassed to admit–but I’m just reading the Cluetrain Manifesto now. I’ve long known about the book, and specifically that it is about how the Internet has changed the way business works. Nevertheless, it’s an inspiring book and reaffirms a lot of the theories I’ve always believed, and I’ve also learned some new stuff too. There are two big takeaways I want to emphasize right here and now: 1. It’s not about the tools. Despite the fact that this blog IS (mostly) about the tools, the whole concept…read more


Social media monitoring tools: Social Radar

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Tweet A couple posts ago, I brought up the topic of social media monitoring tools (SMMs). They are popping up everywhere, but which one do you choose? In this on-going series (though I warn you it might be slow) I’m going to look at the various tools available and give my opinion on what I like about them and why I think they are useful. First up is a company called Infegy, who has a tool called Social Radar. When I first mentioned I was interested in exploring SMMs, Infegy…read more


I always knew it would be shoes… My favorite Twitter success story

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Tweet Depending how well you know me, you probably know one or the other of the following statements (or possibly both) about me: I LOVE shoes. Both my shoe racks are full, along with a closet and a half. When I see a great pair of shoes, I can’t resist. I may have a problem. I LOVE Twitter. I’m on it more and more every day, tweeting more, following more. I’m a huge advocate of brands using Twitter to connect with customers. In fact it’s likely you came here through…read more


Social Media: Wal-Mart finally gets it!

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Tweet Wal-Mart has been in the news a few times with PR firm Edelman for its social media disasters. First it was Wal-marting across America, next it attempted to create its own MySpace-ish social network, which was embarrassingly shut down only 10 weeks later. Next, it smarted up and tried using Facebook to reach its younger audiences, though that failed too. Now, I for one would like to see Wal-Mart do well. Yes, they’ve got a bad rap in the past for mistreating associates and participating in child/slave labor, but…read more


Help build my blog roll!

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Tweet Ok there’s hundreds of fantastic blogs out there that I would love to link to. However, so far I’m doing a bad job of getting around to it. So I’m going to spin this into a social activity and ask for your help on building my blog roll. In the comments,  let me know which blogs you think belong on my blog roll. Please feel free to drop your own blog URLs, so long as it’s relevant to what I’m talking about here, I’d be happy to link to…read more


Are some companies immune to consumer backlash?

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Tweet I think we all agree, for the average consumer, Web 2.0 is a wonderful place. If you experience an inappropriate or unacceptable customer service experience with a brand, you can easily go online and complain about it. Most responsible companies will monitor and try to reach out and rectify the situation. Consumer control. It’s fabulous and the way things should be! Yet, have you noticed… Some companies still get away with bloody murder? I hate to name names, but at this point I think it’s deserved. I mean a…read more