Twitter and Google join forces for Super Tuesday

This is social media at its strongest!

I logged into my Twitter account today to see this eye-catching promo box saying “Super Tuesday Google + Twitter” I clicked through to discover this:

Google & Twitter Super Tuesday

If you can’t see what’s going on too well, I’ll break it down:

The right column shows the percentages of votes by state and the leader is highlighted. You can switch it up between Democrats and Republicans.

Underneath that and the notice about joining up with Twitter is an aggregate list of news coverage of the election.

And then the coolest part, comes in the larger right-side panel: Where every time someone ‘tweets’ about the election, it dynamically appears on the map at that person’s physical location.

It’s social, it’s community-oriented (and in this case, Google is tapping into Twitter’s loyal community base) and it’s providing valuable information to the masses.

I’m officially impressed!

The first post…

Well here it is, something I’ve been planning for months–almost years! In my professional life, I blog at Persuasive e-Marketing, which covers email marketing, web personalization, viral and RSS Marketing for e-retailers.

However, it doesn’t cover my first love(s): public relations and more recently social media. So… Enjoy!