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New Twitter tool, Nambu, manages multiple accounts, groups, searches & more

So just when I finally decide that Tweetdeck is the best Twitter app out there and tell everyone about it…. I find one that I love even more!

Nambu is hot off the press and still in beta, but has already won me over. Apologies to my PC friends, but it’s only available for Mac (you can, however, still use Tweetdeck, which is a great tool).

One thing I didn’t like about Tweetdeck, was that while you could create and manage groups and searches, if you closed those windows, they were gone forever. With Nambu, each subsection you create lives in a convenient sidebar for future use. Also, this is the first tool I’ve seen that is great for managing multiple Twitter accounts (I have three) which is a huge timesaver.

Here’s what my Nambu looks like:

picture-6When you first start up Nambu, it will ask if you want install the Growl notifier–this will allow notifications to pop up on your screen for new tweets (You can also edit in preferences whether you want to have notifications for all tweets, or just private messages). This I find convenient on my big iMac screen because I can glance over and see if anything interested is going on without opening Nambu, however on my Macbook, I find it takes up too much of the screen and is far to distracting.

It is in Beta, so don’t expect everything to run perfectly–however I haven’t had any problems yet, so I’m happy. Another thing I will come oto love about Nambu is after it’s out of Beta it will allow you to integrate other services, (identi.ca, Friendfeed and ping.fm) but right now those features are disabled in beta. If you’re a social media fanatic without the time to manage all these services (like me) Nambu might prove to be a life saver.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

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Land of the forgotten community sites…

So if you’re even a little bit like me, you’ve probably signed up for a few community/social media sites and have never gone back. And in my case, by a few, I really mean a TON. Not purposely, sometimes I sign quickly when I’m busy, intending to check it out later, and never make it. Sometimes I just poke around a while and decide it doesn’t appeal to me. Sometimes I just downright hate it (though rarely, I’m pretty easy to please!)

Anyway, what I thought could be fun if I named off a few sites that I am a member of, but don’t ever visit. Also I’d love for you to jump into the comments and tell me either a)Why i *should* get involved with one of my abandoned sites, or b)What sites you’ve done the same for. I think it could make for an interesting list!

Here goes:


Socialmedian is even trying so hard by sending me emails everday! And I think it *sounds* like a really cool concept, but for some reason I haven’t been back. I think one day someone added me as a friend or whatever they call it, and I had difficulty logging in, and that was the end of that. The deal is it’s a personalized news service, and you can share your news with others. I think I could get into it, but haven’t yet.


I actually really like Plurk, and log in from time to time, but the problem is I have over 600 followers on Twitter, and about 25 on Plurk. Which one would you use? However it does seem that Plurk has a loyal following… I’m just not a part of it.


Sooooo identi.ca is just like twitter, but with less features, and doesn’t look as nice? Yea, not sure why I haven’t given it much of a chance. Like probably most of its users, I signed up when Twitter was having service issues, but since those have been resolved, it’s barely crossed my mind.


OK I was a die-hard del.icio.us fan, but some where along the way, dropped it all together. In fact, I’ve only been to the site once since it was re-branded as delicious.com. Is the social bookmarking trend dying down or is it just me?

Ok that’s what I’m starting with. Let me know which sites you’ve abandoned. I will probably update this evening.

**Update** Here are some I’ve added since this page originally went up:


One I can’t believe I forgot is MySpace–which actually prompted this post! I joined MySpace a couple years ago, before Facebook was public–because many of my personal friends were using it. However, I always hated the interface and ugly layouts and embedded music on pages, so I was happy to abandon it! Sadly I don’t think I was the only one, because you seldom here anything about it anymore. However out of the blue yesterday I received a “MySpace Newsletter” (which I don’t remember ever seeing before) so I guess they’re finally trying to get things together again. Either way, I’m done with it.


As a few people have mentioned in the comments, FriendFeed is another one that’s fading. I really like the idea of FriendFeed — aggregating all your services, but I just couldn’t figure out what I was suppose to do on the site… Because I’d already read all the updates in Facebook, Twitter, etc. I suppose I don’t regularly use enough services to make FriendFeed completely worthwhile.


One nobody has mentioned, but I just realized I’m not using nearly as much is StumbleUpon. Which I absolutely ADORE, and I have no idea why it fell off my radar. I suppose because I’m not using my iMac as much, I wonder if there’s an iPhone app? (If not… there should be!)


I used to LOVE MyBlogLog! And it used to bring great traffic to my blog, but it fizzled out somewhere. I think when I started Web 2.What? it did not have the same momentum as when I’d started out with MBL while it was still new and I lost interest. I go on from time to time, and just feel like there’s of members just trying to drive traffic and it’s lacking a community feel. *shrug*

Also be sure to check out the comments….