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Using social media (and networking) to find a job

One thing I’m really passionate about is teaching others is how to use social media to find a job. I’m passionate about it because I *know* it works–I’ve had many job offers and opportunities come to me through social media–and I know a lot of others have too. This is a presentation I’m delivering to a group of students tomorrow…

While I’m going to share my own personal story, I didn’t want to make the whole thing about me. After all, one of my best attributes is having a strong, close-knit network of awesome people, it’s only fair that I put it to use once in a while? So instead of making my own list of tips. I simply tweeted:

And within seconds, the tweets started pouring in! I got *so* many great responses,  I wish I could have included them all! I did make a point to thank everyone (and give the students a good starter list for smart people to follow on Twitter!).

Anyway, here is the slide show, of course you’ll have to just imagine me talking around it (or bring me in to speak to your group)!

I’d love to hear your thoughts.. Any other tips to add? Any advice for students?

Networking in the New Year with IABC Ottawa

Just a quick note to let you know the Ottawa Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators is hosting a ‘Networking in the New Year’ event next Wednesday. If you’re in communications and looking to learn more about a specific area, there will be designated experts on hand to answer any questions and talk with. There’s also going to be food, so you won’t leave hungry either!

It’ll definitely be worth the price, but book before Sunday, Jan. 17 for the early bird!

Register now!

(disclosure: I sit on the board of IABC Ottawa, but that doesn’t stop this from being a great event!)

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