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Social Media Monitoring Review: Techrigy SM2

Image representing Techrigy as depicted in Cru...

OK, so it’s been a while, but SM2 is one of the tools I’ve been enthusiastic about reviewing since I started. (To recap, you can check out my review of Social Radar as well as Radian6). One thing I particularly loved about Techrigy SM2 is it has a ‘freenium’ option! Which is really handy if you do not have a big brand and lots of keywords to manage and no budget for social media monitoring–such as I do.

But on to the good stuff. There’s two things that really stood out about SM2, for starters I was impressed with what they offered in a free account and secondly it looks very similar to Google Analytics. This is great because if you’re already a GA user, you’ll have no trouble finding your way around.

One thing about SM2 is it says it’s created specifically for PR/Marketing agencies. However, I would argue that it’s a perfect tool for small companies that have a big presence online. Not to say it’s not good for agencies as well, as you can create separate profiles per client, but it’s easy to use and again, looking like Google Analytics makes it easy for anyone already familiar with the layout.

Here’s a few screenshots of the product (from the site as they’re much more interesting than the ones I tried to make:

Demographics--breaking down your audience
Demographics--breaking down your audience (click for larger)
Trends - keyword mentions by day
Trends - keyword mentions by day

So to re-cap, here’s what I like about SM2:

  • Familiarity in design (similar to Google Analytics)
  • Great data about your audience. Gives you gender and age of authors writing about you, which is great if you are sending pitches to bloggers.
  • Author tags give you an idea of what other topics sites that mention you are talking about. Again great for crafting pitches, as well as to give you context to what people are writing about.
  • Collection from a variety of sources, includes microblogs
  • Sends you a daily email of search results on your keywords. Love this, don’t need to log in everyday, get a quick summary and I can go in for more details when needed.

The only downside I saw to SM2 is it doesn’t have the build-your-own dashboard that the other tools I’ve seen had, it’s definitely a solid tool that will definitely ease your analytic mind. And I am definitely going to continue using it for my own work at SmartHippo.

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Learn all about social media measurement in Ottawa this month…

Do you get social media, but still wondering how to effectively measure it? Are you in (or planning to be in) Ottawa next week? Well good news for you because there’s a couple of great events happening!

Third Tuesday is happening next Wednesday, November 26, at the Clocktower brew pub on Bank St. (Which brews in-house some fabulous beer, I like the raspberry wheat) but the real treat is the topic (Making the case for new tools in tough times: Measure now, don’t be sorry later) and the speakers, Chris Johnson, President of dna13, Craig Comeau from Radian6 and Parker Mason from CNW Group.

As you may recall, I’ve reviewed Radian6 here before, and I had the pleasure of meeting Parker Mason last time he was in town so I’m definitely excited for this lineup. Hope you can make it out! Register through Meetup (free registration required)

If you can’t make it out on Wednesday, the DigitalOttawa Meetup Group is hosting an event with Radian6 the next day, Thursday, November 27. Unfortunately I can’t make this one as I’ll be at StartupCamp Montreal, where SmartHippo is selected as a presenter! Hope to see you there.

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Social media and community management resources

I’m speaking to the Algonquin Public Relations students about social media and community management  and I wanted to share a few resources with them. I was going to throw it all in a PowerPoint presentation, but that’s not very Web 2.0. So here it is compiled in a blog post. Of course if you have anything to add, drop a comment! Also, be sure to check the comments for more great suggestions

First, a little primer in social media:

(more videos like these on Commoncraft.com)

Groundswell Cover

Books to read:

Groundswell (which I’ve reviewed here before) is written by two senior Forrester Research analysts. It is focused on social media strategy for enterprise businesses. It includes some great case studies of large brands using various social media.

Cluetrain Manifesto does an excellent job of explaining the idea of markets being conversations, and the importance of companies listening to their customers. It clearly details the backbone of social media–and it was actually written 10 years ago! (And hey–the authors are so passionate about their ideas, that the entire text of this book is available on the web site..for free!)

The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott is next on my reading list, but I feel confident recommending this book because of the great reviews it’s received and because I really dig David’s blog…

Want to get started? Here’s a few blogs to learn more…

Web Strategy by Jeremiah – A ‘social computing’ analyst for Forrester and long-time social media advocate
Chris Brogan – a well-known expert in social media and community
Six Pixels of Separation (blog and podcast) Mitch Joel is “Canada’s Digital Marketing Rockstar”

Prefer to listen? Try these podcasts
(podcasts are simply audio and/or files, which you can listen/view to from a web site, or subscribe to receive each episode in iTunes and listen from your computer or mp3 player)

Want to build your personal brand? Try getting involved with these sites…

  • Twitter (warning! Can be highly addictive!)
  • LinkedIn (unofficially called Facebook for professionals)
  • MyRagan (social network for PR professionals)
  • Sixent(a very cool Ottawa-based social network that lets you manage multiple profiles)

Want to start blogging?

  • If you have a good understanding of the web/HTML/CSS Check out WordPress (If you’re really savvy-go self-hosted)
  • If it’s all new to you, Blogger is a great starter blogging platform..Have your blog up and running in minutes!
  • Somewhere in between? TypePad is a good choice too.
  • Oh, and check out the Bloggeries Forum for tricks and tips to promote your blog!

Social media tools for PR people

  • CNW Social Media Releases – Canada’s leading news wire now offers social media release services
  • Pitchengine – create a social media release, free!
  • PRWeb – a newswire services that allows you to incorporate social media elements and search engine optimization into your news release
  • Radian6 – A social media monitoring service for PR firms (previously reviewed)
  • Social Radar by Infegy – A social media monitoring service for small/medium businesses (also reviewed)
  • SM2 by Techrigy – Another social media monitoring software that gets talked about a lot.

Want to network with social media folks? Check out these regular events in Ottawa

And finally, some random tools that make your life easier:

  • Delicious.com – social bookmarking site. Don’t you hate when you’re on a different computer and can’t access your bookmarks? Wish you could share bookmarks with friends? Delicious addresses both these. You’ll never use browser bookmarks again!
  • Digg is a news site where users vote on the news they like best. The more votes they more exposure the news gets.
  • MyBlogLog – Promote your blog and find other bloggers
  • Evernote – If you use multiple computers and a mobile device, this really rich notes program syncs them all. (thanks to @jpblogger for this tip)
  • Firefox is the essential browser for the social media junkie, because you can get all sorts of add-ons to manage your social media tools efficiently.
  • StumbleUpon is a fun program that takes you to a random web site based on your interests. Also it’s great for promoting blog posts.
  • Ning – If you’re really ambitious and passionate about something, why not start your own social network around it?
  • Socialmedia.alltop.comGuy Kawasaki kindly put all the best social media blogs on one convenient. In fact, go to alltop.com to find an Alltop page on almost any subject!
  • CoComment is another great tool if you are commenting on people’s blogs… It will track all your comments and follow up comments all in one place.
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Social Media Monitoring Review: Radian6

When I embarked on the exploration of social media monitoring tools, I surveyed my Twitter friends, I posted about it on this blog, I even wrote about it in my LinkedIn and Facebook statuses. Throughout all that, one name that came up again and again was Radian6.

So I was delighted when they offered to give me a demo. One distinct difference between the first tool I looked at, social radar, is that Radian6 is targeted specifically to PR firms (or large multi-unit company). Which is good, because now I don’t feel I have to compare the two.

So if you happen to be a good size PR firm or a large company searching for a social media monitoring tools, than I urge you to check out Radian6. Somehow it’s complex and detailed, yet manages to stay very user friendly. One of its strength lies in the ease and simplicity of managing multiple profiles–something that can be tricky to pull off, but a necessity when you have multiple clients or business units.

Also I love how its layout is based on widget style functionality. So essentially you “build” the tool how you’d like to use it. Very Web 2.0 friendly!

I can go on, but a picture says a lot more, so let’s take a look (click for larger):

A screen shot of all the bells and whistles...

The middle boxes top and bottom (behind) are examples of a “river of news” which is essentially the search results for whichever terms you’ve chosen, the river also includes media like microblogging (Twitter, etc), video and podcasts. Very cool!

As well, you can build a tag cloud around your search terms, as viewable in the bottom left corner. Aside from the fact that everyone loves a tag cloud, it visually gives you an idea of what else people are talking about along with your search terms. Very handy!

But wait– how do you know how influencial these people talking about you are? Well they’ve got a widget for that too, which is best explained in this shot:

Radian6 dashboard-influencers

The middle box shows a list of blogs/web sites that mentioned your search terms, and when you click on one, the dashboard below pops up and tells you all about its links.

So essentially, the dashboard is completely customizable via the widget icons (pictured on the left) you can set it all up the way you like it and leave it as is, or you can switch it up at will. It’s clear these guys understand social media and the specific needs of their target audience. Being a PR gal myself I can easily see how well this could work in an agency as well as how it can also help educate users who may not be totally up to speed with all this social media stuff. (hey it is still pretty new!)

And the final kicker why I really love Radian6–they’re Canadian! Yup, based out of New Brunswick, these guys are taking the social media monitoring world by storm. Keep up the great work!

Every used Radian6 before? Or another social media monitoring tools. Please leave a comment!


One really cool thing about Radian6 I forgot to mention is its “Twebinars” which obviously is a webinar that’s discussed in tandem on Twitter! Each one features leading experts in social media. Unfortunately I had to miss the first (silly work getting in the way!) but fortunately more are on the way. As far as I know this they are the first to initiate something like this, so major points for that.

Is it quiet in here….?

Just a quick post to give you a sneak peek at what I’ve been up to and what you might expect to see coming up here on Web 2.What?

  • I’ve been reading Groundswell, perhaps why it’s so quiet around here since I just can’t seem to get my nose out of it! Almost done and a full review will come shortly.
  • Been loving Nathania Johnson’s blog Social Media Butterfly, who–I will admit enviously–posts much more than I do. Be sure to check it out.
  • Blogging about my first love, email marketing, over at Tamara Gielen’s Be Relevant! Blog. In fact, you might enjoy my latest post, which explains why I believe email should be treated more like a social media tool instead of direct mail.
  • I went out to the first Social Media Breakfast in Ottawa, and not only had a fantastic time but was able to meet some twitter friends in real life. Exciting! Also, Adrian of DNA 11 (a company which makes art out of DNA) presented about how his company leveraged social media channels to make it into some impressive mainstream media.
  • Have you tried a real social media monitoring tool? I have been testing, demoing and talking to all sorts of folks in this essential area. So far I’ve already reviewed Infegy’s Social Radar. I’m still testing it, but soon I will write about Radian6.
  • As always I’m hopelessly addicted to Twitter, so be sure to follow me. I’m also dabbling in Plurk, if you’re a little more adventurous. Also, I’m on FriendFeed but having a hard time really getting into it, please drop a comment and tell me why you love FriendFeed so I can perhaps see the light!

Well, those are my excuses for not blogging more often. I am trying to post at least 3 times per week, but I’m sure you’ll understand I don’t just want to post garbage for the sake of posting!

Also I’d love your suggestions for how I can improve this blog, or what you’d like to hear about that’s not being represented elsewhere. Please drop a comment or email me at kelly(at)web2dotwhat.com!

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